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Welcome to Project Solutions



Operational Excellence, Business Excellence, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma are terms used to describe the process of producing and delivering products or services that deliver maximum value to the customer with minimum waste in the process.


Project Solutions specialises in Operational Excellence and Project-Programme-Portfolio Management , delivering operational, consultancy, training and software solutions in these areas. 


We utilise Lean Business principles and tools to optimise and streamline business or manufacturing processes, leading to quantifiable performance and cost saving improvements to your operations.  


We engage solid Project Management principles in the successful delivery of operational excellence projects for our customers. 


Ø  If you want to improve productivity and reduce costs ...    

Ø  If you are suffering from cost and competitive pressures ...       

Ø  If you want to increase output without expensive capital expenditure ...         

Ø  If your customers are looking for improved quality and shorter lead times ...

Ø  If you want to improve customer retention and satisfaction ...






Project Solutions will work with you to address the problems particular to your business by:


ü  Identifying & eliminating waste or non value add activities in your operations

ü  Improving productivity & output

ü  Reducing operational costs

ü  Reducing/Removing waiting times from your processes

ü  Improving product or service delivery to your customers


Our track record is one of achieving quantifiable efficiency improvements leading to sustained cost savings for our customers.               



Five Principles of Operational Excellence / Lean Business


1.       Specify value from the point of view of the customer.

2.       Identify all the steps in the product or service delivery process. Eliminate any step or action that does not create value, thereby leaving only value-adding steps.

3.       Make the remaining value-adding steps flow in a tight sequence to the customer, without delays or wait times.

4.       Pull or produce the product or service at the customer rate of demand only (rather than overproducing).

5.       Pursue perfection through continuous improvement.





Operational Excellence / Lean Business Application


The application of Lean can help organizations reach a world-class standard where employees experience increased job satisfaction and fulfilment, and customers receive the highest quality of service. Lean thinking is based around the application of a number of tools and strategies aimed at streamlining all aspects of a business process. These tools are intended to reduce:            


  capital investment
  materials and services
  time to deliver a product or service to its customers



Project Solutions Limited - Registered in Dublin, Ireland: Reg. No. 308758

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